Friday, 16 April 2010


T’was an evening, but none like any other

With a dazzle truly divine

Innocent in its playful beginning

Never seeming but benign

Knowing not my bearings then

Led me to call for her assistance

“Enter this road thus,” she said

Behold, there she stood in the distance

Hollering out an awkward greeting

Averting her precious gaze

Towards her did I wobblingly hasten

The moment a silver haze

As we climbed the tower to the party within

Catching shy glances of each other

Her maiden friend laughed at her whim

And goaded me on to surrender

Rise did my Lady for a black gown to adorn

Yet her own beauty did dazzle me despite the clothed splendour

And I found myself welcoming the madness

Of smelted core and drifting shallows

play a tune of a summer breeze,

of half life and a distant land,

in the brazenness of molten cheese

find a castle in the sand


let the lack not defeat the lustre

the wooden bowl with the silver spoon

let vanity not make you fluster

a broken chord with the silver moon


let the firefly flicker the candle supreme

and trounce the troll under the bridge tonight

let ecstasy crest the trough of my dream

and carry me in the hem of her flight


beyond the wall of destiny’s fire

the crackled thorn in the skin of one

the future shrinks back into the shire

and the past lies dead and done