Sunday, 10 April 2011

light here, light now

star spangled sweetness 

collecting on the grill of the autumn breeze

playing to the song of a machete

in the moonlight i caught the shadow

of a banshee howling to the wings on a swan

of all the blooming buds 

and all the striped stars

a candle lit on a gloomy morrow

the pain of a whisper

bleeding into the woods

the bird of a song

twittering into the holy grail

i cannot believe the pointless commons

into which i descend 

wandering into the abyss

tee-totaling myself into the pursuit of happiness

sparrow must be pleased at the thought

did Karan truly believe

in the dream of a motion picture?

does the Shakman feel afraid 

of his own madness?

the ice melts at its core

carrying with it the effervescence of promise

the shadow fades back

as the light threatens it once more

what do we seek?